Why Vegan?

A lot of people have asked me “WHY VEGAN!?” I thought I’d take the time to explain myself.

I was an avid seafood and poultry eater before I became vegan. However, I noticed that eating animal protein frequently made me feel bloated and full the entire day. It never made me feel good and energized. Plus, I’ve always loved animals-so the thought of murdering one and eating it repulsed me. It finally hit me when I saw my dad’s friend murder and skin a buck for meat. I vowed to myself never to eat meat again. I gave up meat and became a vegetarian in November of 2007. I treaded the waters of vegetarianism and absolutely loved the cuisine. It was fresh, fun, and delicious. I fully enjoyed my plant-based diet and never missed eating meat. At this time I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian. My veggie adventure was going really well and I didn’t regret becoming a vegetarian. I read a lot of articles on veganism and decided to give it a try in May of 2008. What I found out was purely amazing. My body felt so alive after giving up all animal products. I never felt heavy, bloated, or sick and my body had a newfound sense of energy that I never had. Relying completely on plants left me feeling great. My doctor even complimented how great my bloodwork was. I believe that humans do not need animal products to get the proper nutrition they need. Being a vegan has opened my heart and my eyes to good health and cruelty-free living.

I have 2 dogs that I love to death. They are part of my world. I could never imagine killing an animal just to take advantage of its muscle when I don’t even need it.

Being a vegan is my life, my choice, my passion. I absolutely love it, and I highly advocate it to anyone who asks.

I am an active girl who runs, moves around, and does a lot of activities. Veganism has provided me with ample protein+carbs+energy. I’m never weak, and I’m never experiencing that afternoon slump. It’s simply amazing.

Infact, one of my favorite things to do is go into the kitchen and cook & bake vegan foods. It’s refreshing and always amazing when a die hard carnivore raves about how good the recipe is. =)

Live life on the Veg.<3


One response

1 06 2008

Thanks for sharing your personal story of how you made the transition to veganism – can’t wait to read more of your blog posts! :0)

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