It’s SO Good To Be Home!

17 07 2008

Hi!! I’m finally back from Korea and let me tell you-IT WAS AMAZING. I had so much fun with my mom’s side of the family and I already miss them so freaking much. It was beautiful. I am SUPER tired because I just landed about 3 hours ago and since they are 14 hours ahead… it’s like I left in the morning and got here at the same time. lol. 😛

The flight was awful-13 hours and I can’t sleep on airplanes. I brought healthy, vegan snacks with me so I didn’t have to eat the airplane food, but it probably wasn’t enough. Right when I got home, despite the lack of sleep, I went out for a long run to stretch my legs. Being cooped up like that just doesn’t cut it with my body and I get an urge to run. Now I’m sweaty, tired, but really refreshed. I need to shower, and head up to bed.

I’m incredibly excited about getting back into the blogging world. I missed it so much-however, being away from so much technology was quite refreshing and allowed me to appreciate the things in real life-like my family. ❤

I’m mostly excited about getting back to controlling what goes in my food. I avoided meat and animal products over there and ate a lot of tofu, beans, and vegetables-but I honestly had NO clue what kind of seasonings my family put on the vegetables, and although the soups didn’t taste like animal broth-I don’t know what they used for it. It made me upset at first, but in Korea, it is EXTREMELY rude to turn away food. When I said I ate no meat products, my whole family got mad at me for turning down my grandma’s welcoming meal. She did go the extra mile to provide me with vegetables, legumes, and tofu, but she’s pretty old and probably didn’t know that vegan meant NO animal products AT ALL. Sigh-She is a BEAUTIFUL woman though and I love her SO much.

She sent back a TON of vegetables that she taught me how to make and they are all vegan! 😀

Anywho, I’ll get back on the blogging wagon as soon as I get some rest and recuperation. Like Lunch!

Haha, when I get pictures on a disk, I’ll be sure to put them up. It’s GORGEOUS.

Side Note: No one there is obese! Everyone walks everywhere and eats plentiful seafood and vegetables. It’s amazing. There are no calorie counts on most of the food and all this sugar free/fat free processed mess is nonexistent. It really is amazing how they do everything in moderation. I lost weight there and I wasn’t even trying. I kept up my [BIG] appetite and worked out+walked everywhere and lost weight. I’m telling you-the US is too bent up on trying to do everything FAST. I’ve definitely learned to listen to my body cues better and rely more on taking things at my own pace instead of cramming it all in.

Goodnight you guys… or more like Good Morning 😛



One response

17 07 2008

Ahh, your trip to Korea sounds AMAZING – but it’s always nice to return home :0) And hooray for healthy folks, haha.

I saw your comment on my blog – did you already send the email with your speech? I never received that…

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