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1 06 2008

Hi! Welcome to my new blog. I was a blog reading enthusiast and finally decided to start my own blog. I really enjoy good food and healthy living so I wanted to start my own food blog. =)

I hope to show people that you can be busy and eat healthy. I also would love to share my daily activities on the blog as I make it through college.

A few words to sum me up… runner, vegan, foodie, future-doctor. =D

Alrighty! Let’s get started!

Breakfast was a bowl of multigrain cereal+blueberries. It was super tasty and very filling. This is probably what I eat nearly every day. With a fruit variation of course. I sipped on some hot tea on the side. This definitely fueled me for the day out with the mom.

Lunch was fresh and wonderful. I made myself a spinach+red bell pepper+pickle+green onion wrap on a whole wheat lavash. On the side I had some carrots+salsa and strawberries. I rehydrated with a nice bottle of water. This lunch was SO good. It was filling and delicious. I needed something quick because I was pretty hungry when I got home from running errands. This totally hit the spot and fueled my body to go to the park with the brother and the dogs. I got in a great hike+walk with the dogs and brother. It sure was hot, but it felt good. My brother and I actually have plans to go on a run later on tonight. When I got home from the park I was pretty hot and wanted a little snack so I made myself a cup of tea+vanilla soymilk and had a nice cool sugar-free popsicle with it. This cooled me down and gave my tummy a nice treat. =)


Dinner should be pretty tasty tonight. Nothing special, but it should be good. Tomorrow I’m planning on creating an amazing dinner. See you all tonight!




5 responses

1 06 2008

Oooh, such delicious eats!! Love all the fresh produce :0)

Happy Sunday!

1 06 2008

aww love the new blog! congrats!! and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! i look forward to reading!

2 06 2008

Hey I just found your blog and was wondering if you’d mind me asking a personal question. (You can respond in an email if you don’t want to write about it here… and you don’t have to answer at all, of course.) I read that you run, so I was wondering if you keep track of your calories.

As a vegan and a runner, I’v been having a hard time keeping weight on, so I thought I’d ask another vegan runner how you deal with this and if you’re able to maintain a healthy weight.

2 06 2008

Annie, I’d be delighted to answer your question.

I’ve said many times on here that I listen to my body. I eat nutrient rich foods to nourish my body and just that. When I’m hungry, I think about macro nutrients and create a meal based on that. I don’t count calories because I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full. I typically eat 3 meals a day and sometimes fit in a snack if I was pretty active or if my stomach tells me to eat something. With that said, I’ve never had any problems with keeping my weight up. I am a pretty small girl weighing in around 105 lbs. (I am 5’4″) My doctor has never worried about my weight, and he constantly remarks on how healthy I am.

Another thought that comes to my mind is how much you run. I run anywhere from 6-8 miles a day. That is no where near the amount an avid runner trains so I also think that has a role to play in my weight balance. If you are having trouble keeping your weight on, your body is telling you it needs more fuel. I DON’T recommend just eating more calories-make them healthy, nutritious calories. Running puts a lot of stress on the body so you need to make sure you’re taking in extra whole grain carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Being allergic to nuts & seeds has put me on a bind in the healthy fats area but I make sure I get some in through avocados & olive oil.

I hope this helped! I’ll try tracking my calorie intake for a day and get back to you on how this relates to my activity level. 🙂


3 06 2008

Thanks so much for the quick response. Wow, that seems like a LOT of running for the amount of food you eat (if what you posted is a typical day). I’m jealous actually– I probably run about 4 miles, and not even every day, and I have to eat about 6 times a day– a typical menu is something like this: 2 servings of oatmeal made with soymilk and nuts for breakfast, a morning snack, a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, with a caloric beverage, some kind of pasta for dinner, and a mid-day and after-dinner snack. Sigh.

But anyway, thanks for the advice and the reply, and it’s great to know that you’re healthy and have a healthy relationship with food. Oh, and it’s great to knw of another vegan runner too!

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